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"One test of the correctness of the educational
procedure is the happiness of the child."  
~ Maria Montessori

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My son is started in pre-primary and is now in first grade. This school is excellent and supports him mentally, socially, physically as well as academically. He is exposed to so much and has learned so much. His teachers from Ms Richert, to Ms Cavitta, to now Ms W were nuturing, caring, and genuinely interested in his success. Ms Carmen, the principal, is also genuinely interested in the children's success and is involved and intuned. I highly recommend Courthouse Montessori!



“I cannot recommend a better preschool or childcare environment than Courthouse Montessori. I enrolled my daughter, Ava, at 16 months. It has been almost a year and already she has learned to recognize all of the capital letters (as well as their sounds), some lowercase letters, to count to ten and the underlying number concepts, simple and complex shapes (few 2 year olds can recognize a pentagon!), colors, and so much more. I do not believe she is particularly gifted, rather, I believe the environment Courthouse provides is one that is able to nurture and foster her natural curiosity. Almost everyday she sings songs she learned at school in the car ride home and tells me, "Ms. Tina fun!" When Ms. A changes the toddlers diapers or puts them on the potty she is constantly singing songs, I've heard her singing "Head and Shoulders" many times, so it was no surprise when Ava corrected me and told me, no I was not washing her arm but her shoulder! Potty training Ava has been a breeze- before she was two Ms. Tasha and Ms. A had taught her the basics, by the time she was had her second birthday she was out of diapers. She truly has such a good time at preschool, she tells me all the time about dancing with Ms. Bridgette and running outside with her friends. How many preschools have a bounce house for P.E. Courthouse absolutely cares about their children and takes such great pride in their achievements. Every milestone has been celebrated with her teachers as well as with Mommy. I have an irregular schedule that Courthouse has been very accommodating towards. Additionally, my schedule has created unexpected opportunities to observe the Toddler 2 classroom, which only makes me feel more secure with my decision to send my daughter to Courthouse. Every aspect of the classroom schedule includes the children. For roll call Ms. Tina has a giant poster with all the kids' photos on it and she lets the toddlers "take roll" with her help, they discuss the weather to the point of my 26 month old being able to tell me the difference between rainy, cloudy, sunny, windy, or nighttime. I absolutely love Courthouse Montessori. In an ideal world everyone would be able to stay home and care for their children exactly how they would like, most of us don't get that opportunity. However, when I drop Ava off I know she is being cared for exactly how I would- her creativity is encouraged, she's learning so much everyday, and her teachers genuinely care about her well being and happiness. The front office knows Ava by name (as well as all of the students) and greet her or tell her good bye everyday. For Easter, her teachers went out and bought all the students in the class Easter baskets for the egg hunt. It's not unusual for Ms. Tina to run to the kitchen if a toddler isn't eating their lunch to find something they will eat. We started out at a national chain daycare, but quickly switched to Courthouse after 3 weeks. My only regret is not finding Courthouse sooner.”  


~Jen, July 2011


“We are so very sad to leave CMS. My children have loved it here.

Cameron has been at CMS since he was 18 months old. He has had so much fun and has learned so many things! I can’t believe he is reading books to his sister and I, and his writing is getting so good! He is doing double digit addition and subtraction and he isn’t even in Kindergarten yet!


Chloe started at CMS on April 10 and she had learned so much as well! I had a parent tell that Chloe was the reason they decided to enroll their child at CMS.


I never once had to worry about the well being of my children while they were in school at CMS. That is truly a blessing for any single, working mother.


Thank you CMS teachers and staff! You have taken great care my children and taught them well. We will miss you all so much!!! ”

~J. K, Mom to Cameron and Chloe, May 2011



“We are very sad to leave Courthouse Montessori, especially, Ms. Tieshia’s class. The Toddler 1 class is the best kept secret in Virginia Beach. The patience, compassion and energy in that class are like no other. We feel very fortunate that BOTH of our children have been loved by Tieshia, Lina, Kim, Mrs. Fran and Diana.


Due to our schedule and work location, Evan will be attending a school that is closer to home. We are hoping to alleviate time on the road.

We have enjoyed being a part of the family at Courthouse Montessori and appreciate all of the love and attention that has been shown to Evan. The staff will be truly missed.”


~Jenn and Rob, January 2011


 “Courthouse Montessori School taught my son how to be a caring, intelligent, and motivating young man and to that we are truly grateful. The years he has spent here….have helped to propel him to be successful at his new location. We’d also like to thank all the teachers and staff that he’s had over the years that have made lasting impressions on him, and have helped our family during numerous deployments and very arduous work schedules.”


“Courthouse Montessori School is a Nurturing, Thoughtful, and Dedicated School of Excellence that I’ve recommended to friends of ours, as the school was referred to me. For 4 years, my son achieved great things that my wife and I would not have imagined the first day we dropped him off…”


~ Father (Active Military) of T.M., CMS attendee 2004-2008


“From early on when I brought my son to CMS, I felt that this was a school truly cared, not reciting what I wanted to hear but actually showing it. Your staff has always been kind, considerate and respectful to my children and to my family.  They have been professional and understanding through all of my eldest son’s speech challenges and my wild contract schedules....It goes without saying that my both my boys are happy. As a parent, nothing gives me the warm fuzzies more that seeing my children happy and knowing that they are valued and important.
When my eldest entered Toddler 1 in 2005, he had four primary teachers. Nearly 3 years later, when I enrolled my second child into CMS, he had the same 4 teachers throughout his time in the class. To any parent seeking a nurturing environment for their child, that one fact says so much. CMS does not have a high turnover in staff like many other centers.  From what I see, CMS treats their staff with the same respect as my children.

For that, I thank you. Sincerely grateful ... “


~ Mom to A.H and L.H., CMS attendees 2005 to July 2011


“We want to thank all of you (at Courthouse Montessori School) for the wonderful and excellent care that has been given to our son this past year. He has made so much progress in the care of Ms. Tiesha, Ms. Diana, Ms. Lena and their team, as well as, Ms. Kathy, Ms. Shari, Ms. Ana and their team. We are truly grateful for the loving, caring hearts at CMS who have touched our son's life; from Ms. Fran and Mr. Mike to all of the students and staff who have befriended him. We will never forget you!

We will cherish the remaining days that he will spend in Ms. Kath’s care.  We hope that CMS will continue to flourish and touch young people's lives and we will not rule out the possibility that he might one day be a CMS Lion again. Please share our sincere gratitude with all who have touched his life during his daily routine at CMS.”


      ~ Parents of C.S., CMS attendee 2006-2008




“This school is one of the best kept secrets in Virginia Beach.”



“To the best “gang’ at the best Montessori School in Virginia:

Words cannot express my appreciation for Katie’s visit back to home base. The foundation and appreciation for education has set a passion for learning and  reading that Katie has integrated into her life.  As I have mentioned, Katie’s remembers so many things from the basics to stories about the continents, the rainforests, the planets, dinosaurs, the Presidents, the American flag. Dr. Martin Luther King and the vast array of Montessori lessons that were all first learned at CMS. In addition, Katie learned great lessons about manners, friendship, courtesy, and respect.

I also have to mention that having had an early introduction to music at CMS has helped her stand out from her peers in her understanding of rhythm and transferring the basics to songs and musical instruments such as the glockenspiel, the recorder, a music bar, bells and piano. As the only Montessori school

offering daily Spanish, Katie has a good retention of words and phrases and a wonderful accent. Having a gym/movement specialist helped to develop an appreciation for being active and having fun while growing. I am simply amazed at the outcome of having planted these seeds as they take Katie into her future. My greatest regret is having left CMS and such a great, solid, comprehensive program where children thrive.


     ~Fondly,  Kathy Wall